Dj Gary Cannavo –
You guys do a great job! We recommend you to everyone!! 
Amazing Service! Always on point with progressive releases of some of the best performers! A must have for anyone!


William Gregory Goodfellow – WRSG Radio

RDXPROMO has been a godsend to stations such as ours, as we can immediately add music that is not heard anywhere else in our service area, keeping us one of the most-unique non-commercial stations found anywhere. THANK YOU, RDX PROMO!



Steve Salinas

Been exposed to some real great music I would have missed out on if it wasn't for RDXPromo



Selecta Demo - Invader FM – Bristol, UK

Everything you want from a Promo linkup, efficient fluid service




Joe Wills, Host 
Burlington County Bluegrass
Saturdays 10am-2pm 
RCBC Radio 
Now in our 24th year!

RDXPROMO -A great source, bringing the music and the DJ's together!

Joe Wills, RCBC Radio



Tristan Reisfar - KPOV 88.9 FM – Bend, Oregon

Thanks for getting us the music we would have never found on our own!




Kurt K. Gabriel - ECMA-Radio - Austria
"Archangel's Country Club"

Your Promotion Company does an excellent work to deliver great music to the radio stations. 
That's good for the Artists and their songs to be brought to the (worldwide) audience. 
Keep it going! 



Ng Zhen Zhou - 973FM Blasts That Last – Singapore

Thank you RDXPromo for helping us discover new artists and music!




Thanks for all the amazing music. The Sly & Robbie V Dubmatix is awesome & everypme I've let listen agrees. It's on repeat now the sun shines on Scotland. Well...sometimes lol Keep up the great work. 

Best Regards 

Martin Valentine



Mike Fulton -

This is a truly excellent service in every sense which RadioVideo in Belfast greatly values and we would recommend any Radio Station to sign up to!




Tony Nightingale – Licoln City Radio – UK

I have played more reggae and increased my listenership since I started to play music from RDXPromo.



Tjerk Coers - DJ / Compiler Armada /

Great music & service!



Kenn Burrola - 90.9 FM KRCL

These guys/gals do it up right everytime.



Maneesh - Surya Dub Takeover on 94.1FM KPFA Northern California 50K Watts station.

Big up RDX, always some gems that are sure to peak interest on the airwaves or fire up the dance!



DJ T-Bird - Radio C/C - "Something Else!" – Barcelona, SPAIN

Simple & straightforward--a great place to get promos and easily provide feedback.


The Murzi Show – Phonic FM - UK

Introduced me to a lot of new artists and music, some of which I then play on my radio shows



Atom Radio – Rome, Italy

Excellent Service!



David Longsmith -  WVEW-LPFM Brattleboro VT
Great connection to tons of high quality music!



Peter Hesen - UbuntuFM Radio channels: NETHERLANDS - World Radio, Radio Africa, Reggae Radio, Hip-Hop Radio, Soul Radio 
(coming up in 2018/19: Dance Radio, Jazz Radio)

RDXPromo - Bringing you the rhythms of the World!



Greetings Monique.
Thanks for link up and additional styles.
Dubdem sound is reggae, but we trying to expand gig´s musical setlist, searching for links between reggae and other styles. Some of the styles are not our personal favourite, but some hip hop, soul, r&b tunes trigger us the same feeling of reggae music. So, expansion is our focus now.

Big respect one more time for support independent music and worldwide network, and for providing expansion of music.
U can count Dubdem.



DJ Macedonia - Bondfire Radio / Radio BSOTS

RDX continues to put me on to different artists/labels that I never would have known about otherwise.



Nigel Thorne - Oxford Blues - The Blues Bar - UK
The Rock Show

A brilliant and efficient service that gets new releases out to the people who matter with very little fuss.



Dub Defenders

Great service, great variation of track selections too


Bill Black's Classic Country – Renfrewshire, Scotland

Good to have the chance to hear music I would normally miss out on


Toney Campbell - KSHR-DB – Houston, Texas
RDXPromo is a premier site for great music promotion.

Jonathan Clark – Sweet Potato SoundSystem: UK
“Great service from RDXPromo pushing the best new releases in the music genre's I incorporate into my sets. Happy to forward and promote the music RDXPromo provides!”


Juan Valencia - UN Radio 98.5 FM Bogota, Columbia
“RDXPromo has been a source of great music to use in my Jazz program for more than a decade now”


Oss Harrison – SoundRadio – Devon, UK
“Rdxpromo music is the leading website for getting new unreleased tunes to play on your radio show”



Phabius – Ness Radio – Athens, Greece
“Rdxpromo has introduced me to excellent music I would never find without them! 
Tracks from their promos are regularly featured on my radio show”.


Drew Keller - WUTK-FM – Georgia, USA
“RDXPromo is at the top when it comes to a number of genres, but particularly like the "World" flavors, whether it be Reggae or Dub”


Patrick Van Hauwaert - Villa Bota 106.4 FM (Brugge, Belgium) – Brugge, Belgium

“RDXPromo - Always on top of it, with the best music out there”


Kenneth Howard Smith: KDTN Radio ONE- Syndicated to 27 stations: ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA: USA
We have been providing artist blogs and radio playlists for RDXPROmo and their acts for over a decade and we appreciate the artists and their works. We let the radio public decide on what they want to listen too. Most of the time, it's everything with very few rejections. We thank each and every one of you for your music and the opportunity to serve you.


Marek Faltus - Gdynia Radio – Gdynia, Poland

RDXPromo - “Great source of outstanding and unique artists”


“RDXPromo - Always a balanced blend of blissed out Artists & their fresh beats...”


Painè Cuadrelli – Radio Milan, Italy
“RDXPromo - Always a great way to discover new artists and labels. 
Excellent music!”

Peter Merrett - PBS 106-7 FM – Melbourne, Australia
I have been a Radio station member for quite some years now and have found RDXPromo to be a very important source of music for our radio station”.


Brigitte Reinert - Radio Regentrude – Germany
“We joined a couple of years ago and really loved the wonderful music. It suits perfectly for our shows. We are looking forward to discovering  more wonderful tunes with RDXPromo...